Multi-asset concepts

FERI (Schweiz) offers its customers tailor-made solutions and individual investment strategies. In the multi-asset sector we collaborate with our sister company FERI Trust GmbH (Bad Homburg, Germany) which has more than 30 years of investment management experience and is one of the leading multi-asset/multi-manager consultants both for traditional and alternative asset classes in German-speaking Europe. Our particular strength is in mandates with specific risk-return targets (AR) which we define individually with our customers.

our management and your investment - perfectly balanced and harmonious

A symphony is the harmonious interaction of many different instruments by highly professional musicians. The brilliance of a symphony is particularly evident in the fact that the complexity of the composition is perfectly and harmoniously balanced, but at the same time appears very simple.

The professional interaction of the most diverse investment instruments is decisive for long-term success, especially in the investment of assets. Only a well-rehearsed orchestra with a talented conductor can achieve consistent top performances in the long term.

Our multi-asset fund solutions

In addition, we offer our customers multi-asset fund solutions approved for distribution in Switzerland. These are also based on the extensive expertise of our investment specialists. Their advantage lies clearly in the much lower necessary investment sum. Here you will find more information:


FS Symphonie Famile (Multi Asset Portfolios)


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